Road9 Media


Timeframe: 2011

Purpose: Serve client needs with engaging results
Platform: Small, creative agency (12 employees)
Capabilities: Magazine Publishing, Web Development, Graphic Design

Custom: Marketing, Accounting, Coaching, Management, Business Development
Strengths Used: Analytics, Leadership, Negotiation, Multi-Cultural Sensitivity, Responsibility


"When Joshua arrived, the business was in need of a lot of attention. It was losing money, was under capitalized, and staff were in roles for which they were not best suited. Joshua showed great leadership and tact in dealing with critical and culturally sensitive issues. Through his direction the company is now in a much stronger position.
... After initially analyzing the financial situation Joshua plotted a course forward to stabilize the company. He rearranged departments and had to make tough decisions on where to cut costs and where to invest time and resources. Event through some difficult decisions, include some pay cuts, he was able to keep his staff motivated and committed to the goals of the company.
... Joshua analyzed the local and international markets and found areas and products he thought would be most beneficial to focus marketing efforts. In addition to finding new business he was able to save working relationships with some major clients who how become dissatisfied prior to Joshua’s arrival. He was able to negotiate new contracts that were both beneficial to the company and client.
... Joshua has done a lot to turn around a struggling company and I am thankful for his leadership." -- B. W., managed Joshua at Road9 Media

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