Prior to freelancing, I served as president of a small manufacturing company for 7 years. We had a few unique, patented products which were focused on sheetrock (drywall) installation and finishing. Over that time, we wholesaled directly to big box retailers (Lowes, Menards), brick and mortar retailers (Ace Hardware, AMES), as well as strict eCommerce retailers (amazon.com, duluthtrading.com); each one having their own requirements and impediments to market. I worked tirelessly to ensure accurate product listings on their various eCommerce sites (lowes.com, menards.com, acehardware.com), using GS1 standards sync'ed with the GDSN, as well as with individual retailers such as Amazon Seller Central and Lowe's Vendor Central.

eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, give SMBs the opportunity they need to sell directly to customers worldwide; as a manufacturer I experienced that need first-hand. As a freelancer, my focus has been on building out successful eCommerce sites for clients across the US. I have been privileged to work with esteemed companies such as Alcatel Mobile, Cognito Motorsports, European Auto Source, Glass Technology, Corinthian Colleges, and more. My site builds are responsible for millions of dollars in sales and handle 100s of thousands of visitors per month.

I have been an open-source guy for a long time and I value the ability to manipulate both the server environment and the code source behind the website. But more importantly, an eCommerce platform has to be enterprise-grade; it absolutely cannot compromise on application security and risk exposing sensitive customer data, and it has to be able to scale out in front of the site owner. Those are keys to me. As the market leading, open source eCommerce software; Magento has always been my eCommerce platform of choice.

Magento is the only platform which I know of which serves both roles equally well; committed to application security and keeping an open-source codebase. Plus Magento has an invaluable community which has built up around the platform and actively supports it. At Imagine 2015, I was privileged to acquire dual certification as a Magento Front End Developer & Solution Specialist. I am also certified in inbound marketing techniques through HubSpot and have a BS in management.


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