About Joshua Hughes

I know what it takes to have a successful eCommerce site. As a small business owner, I started learning first-hand, the hard way…

Back in those days, we fed our product data into Amazon Seller Central and then tweaked it for submission to a few other small eCommerce sites and that was it. As a small business owner back then, there was nothing more you could feasibly do to sell online.

We had a crude, static informational HTML site at the time and there wasn’t much else that could be done with your site beyond collecting leads. Back then, eCommerce on your own site was a fantasy SMBs just could not realize as the software and the necessary components, just didn’t exist. For example, PayPal was only acquired by eBay in late 2002, WordPress’ initial release was not for another couple of years and Magento would take another 5 on top of that.

This was 2001. That was 20 years ago…

A lot has changed since then, the way we sell online being one of the biggest. My experience with eCommerce also changed drastically. Back in 2007, I started building my first websites on open source software, such as e107 forums, and WordPress. The open source softwares allowed me to setup and self-teach both the administration and front end development of these sites. Building on this opportunity, I transitioned into freelance web development focusing early on WordPress builds.

By 2012, my first client asked if I could build an eCommerce site and I said, “Yes, give me 6 weeks”. I had heard of an open source eCommerce software called Magento. In less than 6 weeks, I single-handedly learned, setup, populated, customized and readied for launch my first eCommerce store. I was hooked!

As the market leading, eCommerce software; Magento has always been my eCommerce platform of choice.

After quite a few Magento projects starting in Magento CE 1.7 working through CE 1.9 with its RWD front end theme, at Magento Imagine 2015, I acquired dual certification as a Magento Front End Developer & Magento Solution Specialist.

Since 2016, my focus shifted quite drastically over to migrating sites from Magento 1 to Magento 2. By 2018, all of my projects were running EE / Commerce Cloud / Adobe Commerce versions of the software. In 2021, I acquired my Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer certification.

Over 9 years of developing on the Magento platform has given me the experience to build your site right, the first time.

Over the years, I have been privileged to assist some very successful companies with their Magento websites, including Tiki Torches, Char-Broil Grills, Zebco Fishing, Delallo, Christopher Elbow Chocolates, ECBC, The Indiana Pacers, Alcatel Mobile, Cognito Motorsports, European Auto Source, Noul, Oak & Fort, Performance Designed Products, Purina, and more.

I have been an open source guy for a long time and I value Magento because it is both open source and enterprise grade. Magento does not compromise on security, even for CE / Open Source versions, offering full PCI compliance, and the opportunity to scale your eCommerce growth without ever having to worry about replatforming to stay secure. Start in Magento Open Source and scale to Adobe Commerce and beyond.

After 20 years, I know this, running your eCommerce site on Magento software, gives you access to all of the tools you need to successfully bring your products and services to market online.

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