Warranty Policy

If you provide your own server or use a third-party hosting service, I CANNOT warranty the server’s performance.

In addition, if you authorize me to use any 3rd party plugins or code on your project. Then I CANNOT warranty the performance of those plugins and code beyond my initial installation per the plugin or code vendor’s instructions.

If you authorize me to integrate your site with any other website or 3rd party service, I CANNOT warranty the performance of the 3rd party service or website.

I CANNOT warranty any pre-existing coding or programming which may exist within your project.

I am NOT responsible for the entry of content or the creation of content, unless otherwise clearly stated.

In order to meet our expected completion date. Then it is essential that you provide appropriate, accurate content in a timely manner, as requested.

I WILL warranty my work and guarantee its performance at the time of release of files to client. As per the project scope requirements and signed contract.

Please contact me if you have any questions