• Maria Papaleo

    Maria Papaleo

    Director of eCommerce and Design at alcatel mobile

    December 14, 2016

    » Maria managed Joshua directly

    Joshua is the model of an employee who simply gets the job done. He is a self-starter who continually educates himself to ensure he has the tools necessary to compete projects and to be effective. Joshua never said no to a task and embraced our fast-paced environment. The documentation that I received from Joshua was always complete, thoughtful, and detailed; I never returned to him for deeper clarification. While working with my team he was a 99% remote employee and never once did I ever have any issues with his work or availability; often he went above and beyond my expectations. I would consider Joshua an innovator in his field as he was always seeking to accomplish tasks the most correct way.

    Given the opportunity I would hire Joshua again as a Magento developer without a second thought.
  • Joshua did some good, creative, Magento work for our company. He was able to identify the entire scope of the project and worked with it’s completion in mind. He was very easy to work with and did excellent work. Thanks!

    Joel Berger

    IT Consulting and Technical Support

    August 14, 2014

    » Joel was a client of Joshua’s

    Joel Berger
  • Brandon W

    Brandon W.

    Int’l Operations Director at (name withheld)

    November 28, 2011

    Brandon managed Joshua at road9 media

    When Joshua arrived, the business was in need of a lot of attention. It was losing money, was under capitalized, and staff were in roles for which they were not best suited. Joshua showed great leadership and tact in dealing with critical and culturally sensitive issues. Through his direction the company is now in a much stronger position.

    Joshua was responsible for the financial well-being of the company and was therefore responsible for getting all the accounting and financial statements in order. After initially analyzing the financial situation, Joshua plotted a course forward to stabilize the company. He rearranged departments and had to make tough decisions on where to cut costs and where to invest time and resources. Even through some difficult decisions, include some pay cuts, he was able to keep his staff motivated and committed to the goals of the company.

    An area that Joshua invested in was marketing the company. Joshua analyzed the local and international markets and found areas and products he thought would be most beneficial to focus marketing efforts. In addition to finding new business he was able to save working relationships with some major clients who how become dissatisfied prior to Joshua’s arrival. He was able to negotiate new contracts that were both beneficial to the company and client.

    There are many details and examples that I could site showing how impressed I am with Joshua’s business abilities. He has done a lot to turn around a struggling company and I am thankful for his leadership.
  • Josh uses a “top down” logical and creative approach to tackle projects while using his time efficiently. He consistently beat deadlines and streamlined all aspects of his job, projects, and did a great job of communicating with co-workers. One of his biggest assets was the ability to take ideals that were presented to him and put them into whatever form was requested with minimal wasted time.
    toby latham

    toby latham

    network/systems administrator

    May 2, 2013

    Joshua worked with toby in the same group

  • Adam Brewer

    Adam Brewer

    SEM Analyst at NatGen | Owner at Onpoint Websites

    November 4, 2012

    Adam reported directly to Joshua

    Joshua is one of the most engaging superiors I have ever had. Joshua has sound logic, a sharp business mind, the ability to think outside the norm, and the wherewithal to bring those traits together seamlessly in a creative manner. Furthermore, Joshua explains his thinking and reasoning to clients, superiors, and subordinates alike in a way that is professional and caters to their different levels of knowledge according to the subject matter at hand without appearing condescending, which is a rare talent. Joshua has the type of personality and mind that adds value wherever he goes; he is a great addition to any organization, and I see only success in his future.
  • Mr. Joshua, is a professional, creative, and passionate Manager, who always has a vision for the place he works in and also for the people working with him. He is a Business oriented person, who can always create big business opportunities out of any situation and simple initials even when others can’t see the potentiality in it, always focusing on his circle of influence in any situation and what could be done to create a better situation out of the current.
    Sarah Guirges

    Sarah Guirges

    Senior HR Specialist-Talent Management. at Egyptian Steel

    December 15, 2011

    Sarah worked with Joshua but at different companies

  • Ingy Nazmy

    Ingy Nazmy

    Project Manager at road9 media

    August 28, 2011

    Ingy reported directly to Joshua

    Joshua is a well organized manager in both short and long time plans, he has an eye catching for details, make the best use from all available resources and techniques that helps improving our work and our productivity and always concern to manage and adjust things the right way whatever hard way it is.
  • I have worked with Joshua Hughes quite closely, although for a short time, which I regret, as Joshua has been a very committed, loyal, capable and hard-working colleague. He is able to work independently and at the same time as a team-player. He has shown ability to lead and motivate a team of people, and to improve the structures of the company he has been leading as Managing Director.
    Inge V

    Inge V

    International Director at (name withheld)

    November 28, 2011

    Inge managed Joshua at road9 media

  • Chris Madrigal

    Chris Madrigal

    Owner, Madrigal Vineyards

    August 6, 2014

    Chris was a client of Joshua’s

    Joshua has done a great job for us. We just opened a second tasting room in Sausalito and I wrote down the wrong date that I scheduled Josh to come in and get us hooked up and running. The appointment was for the following week, I called him and told him it was an emergency. He dropped everything to get us running in record time. Great customer service, fair pricing and everything works; I highly recommend Joshua
  • Joshua has been great to work with. He is very organized, has great ideas, and is a person of high integrity. With Joshua as the Managing Director, I saw great improvements in our dealings with road9 media and in the quality of the magazine we published.
    David Kuntzman

    David Kuntzman

    Executive Pastor

    August 8, 2011

    David was a client of Joshua’s


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